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Boudoir or Glam Party

Let's have a party! Make your photography session an event!
Invite close friends to share the experience of a Boudior or Glam Photoshoot. The host of a party will earn a special prize for organizing the event! Contact us to learn more and schedule your event!
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Girls Night Out
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Bonding Events
  • Girls'Day

5 Reasons for a Boudoir or Glam Party

  1.  Bachelorette Party: Boudoir parties are a great Bachelorette gift!  They can even be a wonderful bonding activity for the bride and her maids before the big day.  Not only do you have a great time with some of your closest friends, but you will also create a wonderful groom’s present for you future husband!


  2. Girls’ Night Out: Spend the afternoon being pampered by an amazing artist and allow the photographer to make you feel like a supermodel.  After your last girlfriend finishes her shoot you guys can catch a Lyft and celebrate a night on the town while looking like celebrities.

  3. Birthday Celebrations: What better way to celebrate a milestone!   Why not celebrate the woman you have become over the years?  A boudoir party is a great way to really embrace your beauty and see the hot girl your friends see in you every day.

  4. Bonding Events:  Bonding events are great team building exercises.  Women own companies book boudoir parties to help teach their teams to let go of any flaws or insecurities they have about themselves.

  5. Girls’ Day: This is a lot like Girls’ Night Out… expect it’s during the day.  Lets be honest, some women are mothers and don’t have the ability to stay out all night when she has mouths to love and spend time with.  Therefore book an early boudoir party and then finish the day off with brunch. During brunch you guys can chat about your personal experiences and still be home in plenty of time to have one on one with your kids and husband.

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