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About S. Christine Photography

Hello there, I'm Sharlene

My family is my life and I love my life. My family was the inspiration in my love and growth of photography. (in the header above is one of my first professional photo shoots with my daughter)

My style of photography is very unique. My style of photography is meant to capture my clients' uniqueness while enjoying the photographic experience. Beyond just simply taking pictures I want to capture their emotion, the magic and the power of that moment, without missing the treasured details.

Artist Statement

As a photographer my goal is to provide my clients a moment were they feel special, to help them capture the moment and feeling they want to hold on to. To freeze time... so when they look at the picture they can still remember how they felt. Either if it's feeling sexy in a glamour shoot or it's feeling loved in an engagement session. No one should be able to take that memory from my client, but they should be able to share that memory with the world.


S.Christine Photography Serves the Maryland and Washington, D.C. area.

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